OK, today is one of those days where my mind is scrambling to organize itself – cos it has been a happening August and it’s expressing its resentment with a persistent migraine throb on the left side (any brain specialists here to explain what that means what would have given rise to the throbbing of the left side and not right?)

Came back this morning at close to 2am from Taipei after a short but tiring biz trip, rushed home, caught 5 hours of sleep and then emceed for an event in Jurong East. I’ll be honest – I like my days packed, I think we’re given time to maximize them for good use – and to align them to one’s vision.

But because my mind is still in a disarray – partly because of this headache, I feel like clearing it by typing in summary about what I’ve been thinking about expressing.  I’m going to type out a list of some of the things that struck me lately, new insights gained, issues that affected me – in point form, and see where it takes me:

1) Knowledge is not information – knowledge can only come from the heart, whilst info remains in the mind. This statement is so deep – and I almost dismissed it as cliche when I first heard it- until I realized its depth. It’s that aha moment when that info you’re processing (in your mind) resonates with something deeper – how it suddenly makes sense and becomes meaningful, and the ‘coming from the heart part’ was my favourite – cos it deals with purpose, passion and commitment. When info is aligned with purpose (from the heart) – it becomes so powerful. It got me thinking deeply about how because each individual is unique and talented in his/ her own way, how powerful they can become if their purpose is clear – cos then all these skills, talents and knowledge are applied for good means- what a change the world will see.

It is linked to this Hadith: 

People are like minerals. The best of them in Jahiliyyah will be the best of them in Islam.


Didn’t note down the source of this one – but I will search for it:

Knowledge is the arrival of the meaning of a thing or an object of knowledge in the soul of the subject and simultaneously.. knowledge is the soul’s arrival of knowledge”

Another gem of a saying:

Info can have processes applied to it such that meaning is derived and yet whether and how it arrives in your soul will determine whether or not it is knowledge.

Source: From Religious class: Intro to Fiqh by Ustaz Zhulkeflee

Another one that brought me to tears – that I heard in an Entrepreneurship seminar run by Muslim Business Owners (Fast and Fuuyooh 2).

Bishr Ibn Musa narrated that ‘Umar Ibn al-khattab was sitting with a group of companions and he asked, “Let each one make a wish!’ Someone said, “I wish if this house was filled with gold and I would happily spend it in Allah’s path.” ‘Umar asked the people again, “Make a wish!” Someone else said, ” I wish that if this house was filled with pearls, chrysolites, and with every kind of precious gems that I would happily spend in charity on Allah’s path.”

‘Umar asked again, “Make a wish!” They replied, “O Amirul Muminin, we truly do not know what to wish for.”

‘Umar (رضي الله عنه) then said, “I wish that this house was filled with men like Abu ‘Ubaidah Ibn Al-Jarrah (رضي الله عنه).”

Explanation of the above: Abu Ubaidah was known as a man who was committed to seeking the pleasure of God, and was detached and not affected by the distractions of worldly life (wealth, status, etc). Which brings me to my second insight:

2) The most valuable thing are human resources who are talented and dedicated to a cause greater than themselves. 🙂 This should be the case for corporations, governments, families, etc – hiring the best talented people with the right values and aligned with the purpose/ mission of your organization.

3) Knowledge can be harmful too if one fails to acknowledge and prioritize based on its rightful order.

Recognition and acknowledgements, progressively instilled into man of the proper places of things in the order of creation such that it leads to the recognition and acknowledgement of the proper place of God in the order of being and existence.


I’ll sign off for now – but one last pearl of wisdom, that means everything to me.

Purpose of learning – what’s yours?

Adornment of inner self with virtues seeking nearness to Allah and attainment of piety.


A piece of heaven on earth, the Sultan Omar Ali Saifuddin mosque in Brunei Darussalam. It reminds me that despite our flaws, there is hope, there is beauty that we can create within and without.
A piece of heaven on earth, the Sultan Omar Ali Saifuddin mosque in Brunei Darussalam. It reminds me that despite our flaws, there is hope, there is beauty that we can create within and without.
This world will hurt, everyone you forge a bond with, will too. Until you realize your feelings can transcend beyond them to something less ephemeral, to something less transient, and finally arrive at something that is purposeful, that is eternal.

Until then, you will bleed, it will hurt, those you care about will fail you, and they must, that’s how it is meant to be – no one is meant to keep you in tact, that role is too big a burden for any mere mortal like yourself or like them to shoulder. Only the Eternal,can.

Allah, I’m 27 years, and I finally understand. The previous times, I sought to forget, I strived to rebuild that trust and try one more time to trust. But it isn’t about trust – it isn’t about not trying hard enough – we all do, we all don’t want to hurt, if we can afford it. The thing is we can’t for our flaws do define us, like it or not. But so do our strengths, and so we strive – it is an endless pursuit of balance – like that of a race with a teaspoon carrying a pping pong ball, except that spoon is in your mouth and your eyes, blindfolded. It was never meant to be easy.

It will ache, as it does now. But I strive.

Allah, I pray for wisdom to choose what is right, to have courage to pursue it and the strength to sustain my efforts at it.

A gentle breeze, a silent storm~

You see a door swaying.. The impact of a forceful gust of wind. You hesitate. Should you rush forward to push a door stopper in, or leave the door to its fate – pushed by the wind to slam itself shut loudly. 

No fiction, it’s a real everyday scenario in my room, one that I’ve grown used to over the past few days. One that symbolises much to me. Over the past 5 days, I’ve been so sick with a bout of viral fever, reaching the highs of 39 degrees celsius, accompanied with a sore throat, runny nose, nausea and a cough that left my stomach muscles strong (and sore, haha). It also left me without a voice, a bare whimper to communicate with my loved ones, to express my wants and to convey how I was feeling. Something that really worried my family members as that was so uncharacteristically me.

A humbling experience indeed. It made me realize how badly I wanted to get well soon, so that I could stop worrying them, and stop burdening them. ( I even passed the bug to my dear grandmother. 😦  May Allah SWT grant her a speedy recovery, In Shaa Allah) This experience woke me up, as a reminder of what my life means, and how it can only go, the way He wills for it to, how I should be patient, and cherish every moment, and make the best of it, for Allah SWT knows what you (I) don’t, and that hardships at times, may be blessings in disguise too. Through my illness, the bouts of nausea, painful coughing, shivering, sore limbs, I realized this – that life exists in these moments where we pay attention to Him. Not the moments when you are well, high-spirited, bouncing with excitement, but heedless of Allah, but even the humblest moments when you are down, depleted, in pain, but in quiet gratitude, and patience, and in peace with Allah SWT – that’s when you’re most alive.

It puts everything in my life into perspective. It makes me a lot more thankful for the trying times too (ironically, yes) but these trying times are the ones that bring us closer to Him, don’t you realize? I just realized. When in pain, we turn to HIm for refuge, and for comfort, for He is the Ar-Rahman, Ar Raheem (The Most Merciful, Most Compassionate), and only Allah SWT can guide us.

I pray that I will maximize my living moments on Dunia, in remembrance, Ya Allah, truly living with You close to my Heart, Ameen Ya Rabb’ A’lameen.


May this post be an encouragement to you too, In Shaa Allah. Have you experienced any moment in your life where you felt closest to Him? Do share! 🙂