Ode to 2015

So, it appears that crafting an ode (or eulogy) to 2015 is now in trend, so allow me to hop right on the bandwagon here. 🙂

Before I start proper though, I must add the disclaimer that a date is just a date – technically, if you want to give the 12th of March CRAZY significance and decide that it will be the day your life CHANGES, then, chances are it will. So likewise for 01/01/2016. But of course, to many (even me), that date reset to 01.01 becomes symbolic of the hope for a happier, more fulfilling, balanced and meaningful life we all envision. So yeah, let’s embrace it, and make it count!


I hope for 2016 to be a lot like 2015 – where there was opportunity for growth, travel, making new friends, learning, lots of reading, reflecting, emoting, sticking it out, making mistakes, but reflecting on how to grow from them, embracing spontaneous impulses and arguing but making peace once more with loved ones.

I also hope that more than 2015, 2016 will bring even higher productivity levels, skills, and persistent commitment and relentless pursuit of perfection in everything I do, and that it surrounds me with even more positive role models who inspire me to be an even grander version of myself, and for me to pay it forward by being valuable to others in whichever way I can too, In sha Allah.

Here’s an attempt to pay it forward in a small way, a compilation of 5 interesting insights I’ve learnt this year – enjoy! So many more learnt, but just a short one for now.

  1.  Perspectives will always just be that, perspectives. Yours is as valuable as your nemesis. Where decisions have to be made though, instead of just arguing your view, find a neutral way to assess the better way forward (like surveying a few people or asking a neutral person to decide) – then accept the outcome graciously and let it go. This one is tried and tested!
  2. Negotiations – have you ever had to negotiate the terms of a contract before? At the start, it may seem that the business partner is highly engaged and all out to making it work, but perhaps after a while (sometimes, especially it seems after the contract has been concluded, signed and sealed but not yet delivered), it may seem that delivery on commitments may be amiss, or not meeting your expectations. In this book I read, The Small Big – small changes that spark big influence (which I highly recommend), it states that “to optimize the likelihood that people will follow through with their intentions, it is necessary to consider asking a couple of extra and specific questions about how they plan to go about accomplishing the goal they’ve promised to pursue.” It often helps clarify feasibility of expectations and translates into higher chances of actualization of plans.
  3. Cause and effect to everything. An unwarranted behaviour is often a result of something deeper. Whether at work, relationships, etc.Digging deeper will often reveal an invisible truth that’s worth tackling with more compassion than the symptom. (Everyone is really fighting their own battles.)
  4. Dream BIG. Really BIG, say nay to the naysayers. When you aim for the stars, you’ll fall to the clouds, way higher than where you began anyway.
  5. Give your all, wherever you are, whatever you do – relationships, work, projects. You will get hurt, disappointed, etc  but it is still worth it, because that’s the only way to live – courageously. 

I pray that 2016 brings you all that your heart desires. Up up and away~ Happy New Year! 🙂