anonymous dreams

If you could choose any life – your version of an ideal life, what would it be?

I like asking people this question. Once, when I asked a lady taxi driver this, she said, “Aiya, my life is over la, this is it”. That scared me – she decided it wasn’t worth dreaming anymore. She had in that statement and with that mindset sealed her fate.

You and I are worth dreaming about. That vision of our ideal life is where it starts.

Mine is doing something meaningful, where I motivate others to believe in their dreams, to seek to change the world in their own ways, to have the courage to take that step, go all out to making it happen with conviction, passion and purpose. To wake up every day feeling in love, and loved, to feel at peace, at ease, healthy and energetic and inspired. This is why it is all important to surround yourself with people like that – people who take charge, who also believe in their sense of purpose  and who then go out to change their fate with a sense of determination and belief.

I’m starting again today with my vision board. 🙂 Will post pictures once it’s ready. Keep going, it really isn’t too late. It’s important to dare to dream, and to actually take steps to make those dreams materialize that matter.


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