My life’s soundtrack

My life’s epic soundtrack.

If you could play a song and choreograph, and it could be any tune and any dance ensemble to reflect your life’s upheavals, sweetest moments, moments of courage, tears, laughter, regrets, defining milestones, epiphanies. How would it be like?

I imagine a beautiful large gown – purpley turquoise crepe-like dress in layers, with a large train one that you can swish about as you walk, with grandeur, with small contemplating steps, as the bells chime, as the piano keys play a memorable distant reverie. You keep moving, listlessly, but with conviction. You know not where exactly you’re headed, but you have no doubt that you’re going the right way. You move, the background chimes away, you move, with confidence, once in a while, you pause, you’re unsure if you passed by this place before, and maybe you have, maybe not, but you’ll keep moving anyway.

One day, I will compose something just like that. 🙂