Don’t be afraid.

This is a reminder first and foremost to myself, for I seem to need this of late. Circumstances haven’t always been rosy, and I’m usually a rather private person when that happens – if you’re a loved one, and I reach out to you on a problem, know that it usually means it has gotten out of hand for me, and a tad too overwhelming. One can interpret that as strength, or just being a rather closed up person. I’ve been used to it, and I do believe it has been the foundation to my sense of independence as well. Nevertheless, those times, when it really overwhelms me, and I feel insecure, those are the times – I would like to remind myself, that  hey, you’ve gotten this far, trust yourself, believe in yourself, know that there is nothing you can’t achieve with effort, faith and prayers – often in the reverse direction. You will be okay, just as God has seen you through the many trials of various sizes, you will be ok, He’s watching over you now too. Sending some love and prayers in your direction too whoever you may be, may He be our constant choice of unwavering guidance and compass. And when He feels distant, ask yourself who moved?