Apathy- the curse of a detached people that turns a blind eye to the hypocrisy and evils of yesteryear, that judges prematurely – no, I don’t care enough this time, every time. The silent cancer that numbs the heart and cripples the soul and the very root to mankind’s fall from undeserving Divine grace.


“Godspeed”: Good wishes to someone who’s embarking on a journey.

Tsumago, Japan - trekked there in 2012.
We are Voyagers in this journey called life. (Tsumago, Japan – trekked there in 2012.)

That’s what every new year brings – the promise of another journey, for we are all voyagers, with a heart that still believes in the promise of a better tomorrow even if the burden may get heavier with every passing year filled with its share of trials and jubilations.

The clearer the destination, the more straightforward the journey, the lighter the burden, the speedier you go, the more positive the company, the more uplifting this journey it will be.  It’s straightforward and difficult at the same time.

Where do you want to go?
Where do you want to go? I prepared this for a sharing session in 2013.

1) Where are you heading?

2) What are the important stopovers to get there, and by when?

3) What do you need to gain or lose to ease the journey?

4) Who are the ones you’d like to have as support for your journey and to support in their respective journeys?

Start with the destination,  work out the stops, prepare, go with a ready heart, reflect and recalibrate as you head along and take time to savor the journey even if  you may stumble once in a while.

I wish you Godspeed in this leg of the journey we call Life. 🙂