How to block those Annoying Mobile Push Ads

How to block those Annoying Mobile Push Ads

I’ve only installed it today, and will update on whether it is effective. Apparently, this works for both rooted and unrooted phones though, which is great!

(PS: Rooted phones are phones which allow you to customize/ control almost everything about your phone, inclusing speed, etc – and unrooted ones – usually follow deafult settings as prescribed by your phone manaufacturer,)

My 2013 Mirror

Wow, 2013 is less than 2 days away from its promised demise. Where has this year gone to? What have I learnt, amidst the daily get-going?

1) Promises: To yourself or to anyone. Your success at keeping them make or hollow out the spirit of that entity that holds you together within or without.

2) New Challenges: Taking them on, because you believed them to be worth taking, and because you chose optimism which in turn reinforced that vision of success in your mind.

3) Completion -requires a state of mind that ignores the noisy clutter that sticks on like gooey sweet wrappers. It clears the clutter, brushes away the gooey sweet wrappers with a decisive brush that is both swift and forceful – as if any weakening of speed and intensity will give room for hesitation we don’t want to afford. 1 word-discipline.

In 2013 – I’ve clarified my purpose of existence. I pray that 2014 – allows me to focus every effort towards fulfilling it with earnestness and sincerity, Amin.