Resistance is futile, so here goes – spreading my SNS tentacles and reconnecting socially-

So today, I decided to reconnect to a great number of social media platforms that I have socially resisted for years – ie. twitter and Instagram (that’s a hefty 200% increase, in addition to my already active Facebook account). Why, I ask myself? To which- the answer came loud and clear- why not?

Was always concerned if I would get overwhelmed with too much social media activity – and using today as a yardstick isn’t helping my case either (urm somehow spent a good half of my day surfing, tweeting, reading, etc). But hey, connecting with peers, opening the floodgates to more entertainment, emotional drama, trivia, news (as many ‘truthful’ versions as there can be) can only be more fun, right? All because technology affords us this privilege – so why resist? Yes, WHY. With that leap of faith, I commence. Let’s see how this goes. Pinterest and Tumblr next, maybe?

Oh,  but if I fit the emo drama/ social media addict bill and start flooding your social life over-enthusiastically, please give me a shout out before boycotting me – tyvm.

In the meantime, be a good sport and add me up, will ya? 😉 Twitter – @Kyras55 and Instagram @nkhairah55