My Dream for SG

I was looking through some of my older FB posts and I found this one below. It struck a chord (again), because these are some of the more pertinent gaps that I believe we can work on, whether these gaps are only a matter of perception or truth. I Would like to play whatever part I can, small or not in helping in any of these, if I may. Let’s see how to do this. Important thing is not to give up and to also be objective and sincere.  Any thoughts?

PM Lee says we should think about what kind of Singapore we want in the future. My dream list for my country: 
1)to have a country that will grow to advocate freedom of speech so as to cultivate more thinking minds who question and who will then be better able to propose in daring but necessary ways, 
2) to continue championing and legalizing fair work practices that strictly penalizes the marginalization of the minority races/gender- intentional or not, 
3) to approach a truly unbiased method of selecting FTs (one that is based on total merit and contribution to nation’s social well being and not nationality and cost alone,
4) to continue championing home-grown entrepreneurship aggressively (we need more Olivia lums, Claire chiangs and ho kwon pings!), 
5) to strive to further streamline the administrative process that’s affecting needy citizens from getting some compassion and
6) a nation that develops a much much bigger heart for our elderly. #mydream4SG